Types of Windows
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Modern Window Designs


Bay Windows

A bay window consists of a large picture window flanked by two smaller windows setat angles. This large window can actually be used as a small hideaway or a comfortable window seat.


Bow Windows

Bow windows combine four or more windows at equal angles to form a gently arching outward curve. Similar to Bay windows, this style allows a large amount of light to shine in a room.


Casemaster Casement Window

A casement window features a side hinge, so it opens and closes like a book when cranked or manually operated. Due to a tighter seal, casements resist air and water infiltration, but may also block ventilating breezes.

French Casemaster

Casemaster French Casement WindowThe French casement window offers another unique and elegant option. It features two operating windows that crank outward and no center post, creating an unobstructed view of the outdoors.


Awning WindowAwning windows often accompany casements, picture windows or other awning windows. They are hinged at the top to allow light and ventilation without exposure to rain.


Double-hung WindowTraditional double-hung windows come in many variations. You can get Ultimate Double Hung, Ultimate Double Hung Round Top, Ultimate Double Hung Magnum and Ultimate Insert Double Hung windows made by Marvin. Choose from a full range of wood species, energy-efficient glass, screens, clad colors and hardware finish options.


Glider Sliding WindowsThe glider’s sash slides horizontally for simple operation and energy efficiency in spaces where a swinging sash would be in the way.


Geometrical Shape WindowsThese type of windows incorporate round, polygon or other shapes to add dimension and drama to a window or door configuration. You can get a wide variety of shapes from hexagons, octagons, trapezoids, triangles, half and quarter rounds, ellipticals and hundreds of other shapes.

Our Windows Can Make Your Home Greener
You can improve your home’s energy efficiency by choosing insulated glass packages for your replacement windows that will pay for themselves by providing year-round energy savings. Our windows help reduce heat transfer with Low-E glass that acts as a thermal mirror, a warm-edge spacer system that provides an effective thermal barrier, and argon gas fills that increase energy efficiency.
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