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great job

Very nice and professional.. did a great job installing gutters!!!

Ellen Keith

very patient

I recommend Centennial Home Improvement, They replaced our old leaky roof and stripped off the asphalt roof and striped off the old original wooden shingle roof off a 80 to 100 year old house. And it took them one day to do it early December 2017 before it got cold. Mark R. is very easy to get along with and very patient when unusual problems that comes up, in our case we had a bee problem. And he helped us get a bee keeper to move the bees out of the roof of the house. And we got new rain gutters too. Now we don`t have to worry about the roof leaking any more.

Darwin Frauenholtz

A fantastic experience

Mark and the entire Centennial staff could not have been more accommodating. This installation was not typical, and had some unique requirements; Centennial met the challenge head-on to get the job done. The result exceeded expectations.

Chris Browne

incredibly responsive

My metal garage roof was damaged by a tree limb during a wind storm in 2017. The guys from Centennial were incredibly responsive and the crew did an amazing job on the roof. They even found a rebate on some of the material they used on the new roof and passed the savings back to me. I plan to use them again in the future!

Jay Cooper

it was a no-brainer

I never had to replace a roof before but I never expected it to be so easy. Mark made this as painless as could be. When you need something looked at or done, you usually have to leave work and then wait for someone to show up. Not with Centennial. I told Mark I worked until 5 and he said he would be happy to meet me when I got home. 5:15 He was there and checked the roof out and then took as long as needed to explain everything. I was so impressed , it was a no-brainer who I wanted working on my home. From start to finish, the process was wonderful. I would highly recommend Mark and his team and plan on having them do further projects.

Keith Winterle

Great customer service!

My experience with Centennial was very good. From the first home visit to the day of installation. The whole crew were friendly, approachable, and professional. If I need work done in the future I will be go back to Centennial. I highly recommend them!

Adalberto Cortez

Nice job

Centennial repaired a portion of our roof that was leaking. Due to weather they couldn’t get to the job when originally scheduled, but did a nice job once they were able to come. I would recommend them to others for home improvement projects.

Rocky Sanders

Fine company

Reshingling my house turned into replacing the roof, also, and even that didn’t slow down nor cause problems for the crew. Each day they worked hard, got the job done, were extremely courteous and when they left, were very diligent in going over the yard for debris and any nails that might have accidentally got left behind. I feel fortunate to have Centennial Home Improvement work on my home. The co-owners, managers and crew kept in close contact with me, communicating progress and expectations. Fine company.

Bob Gunsolley

Extremely Professional

Mark Richardson, owner of Centennial Home Improvement, was great, extremely professional, and an excellent problem-solver. When a wire was accidentally cut, he assumed responsibility and got a repairman out right away. His employees clearly took care and didn’t cut corners and as a result the house looks lovely. Mark was so nice to deal with and his company did a fine job. I would recommend them to anyone considering siding their house.

Linda Pratt

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Happy Customers
Extremely Professional
Mark was so nice to deal with and his company did a fine job. I would recommend them to anyone considering siding their house.
Linda Pratt
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